"Revolution in der Modewelt: Wie 21million Fashion, Bitcoin und Fashion vereint, um die Gesellschaft zu verändern"

"Revolution in the fashion world: How 21million Fashion, Bitcoin and Fashion unite to change society"

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"Fashion is much more than just clothing. It is a powerful tool for self-expression, a reflection of social values ​​and norms, and a driver of change and innovation. Through fashion, we can understand and document the dynamics and developments of our societies. It gives us insights into historical eras and social movements and plays a central role in shaping our cultural identity."
-Abu Akkuc, Founder 21Million Fashion

Fashion as a mirror of society

Imagine we are in the splendour of 18th century Paris. There are magnificent gowns, wigs and accessories everywhere. But the streets are seething. The simple, plain clothing of the sans-culottes becomes a symbol of resistance against the aristocratic elite. Their clothing tells a story of struggle, rebellion and the desire for social justice. It is a fashion that documents and drives revolutionary change.

Fast forward to the 1920s . The world has just emerged from World War I and is yearning for change and freedom . Women begin to exchange their long, constricting dresses for short, revealing flapper dresses . With every dance step and every cheeky haircut, they challenge the old norms. This fashion is a manifesto of emancipation, a statement about the new role of women in society.

In the 1960s, the world became more colorful and rebellious . Young people in bright colors and eye-catching patterns protested against war and injustice . Their fashion became the banner of their beliefs. It was a time of upheaval, and the clothing of this era reflected the spirit of change. Fashion became the mouthpiece of an entire generation striving for freedom and equality.

Fashion as documentation and driver of change

Fashion not only documents social conditions, but also actively contributes to change. It gives people the opportunity to express their identity and their political and social beliefs . Through fashion, people can take a stand, form communities and question social norms.

Today we are facing a new revolutionary change: the rise of a cryptocurrency that is immediately distinguishable from all other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin , as the pioneer of this movement, stands for decentralization, transparency, financial freedom and so much more. But how can this digital revolution be transferred to the physical world of fashion? This is exactly where we start with our brand.

Why a Bitcoin fashion brand?

Bitcoin stands for decentralization, transparency and financial freedom. These principles have direct parallels in modern fashion, which increasingly places value on authenticity, individuality and social responsibility. A Bitcoin fashion brand can take these values ​​and transfer them to the world of fashion. It can serve as a bridge to make the principles of Bitcoin tangible and understandable for a wider audience.

Our contribution: 21million Fashion

With our brand 21million we bring the innovative essence of Bitcoin to high fashion. Our collections are not only stylish, but also symbolically carry the values ​​of Bitcoin. We tell stories of freedom, decentralization, technological progress and, for example, the importance of privacy in a digital age. In addition to all the economic, political and social circumstances that the credit debt system with its inflationary environment brought us, keyword "Cantillion effect", it has become clear that change must happen.

Let's jump into the future of 21Million Fashion

Imagine walking into a 21million fashion show. The lights dim and the first creation appears on the runway. It is an elegant, avant-garde design, made using the most modern techniques. Every detail, every seam embodies the idea of ​​the garment. The fabrics are of quality. The cuts are bold and innovative, a symbol of the disruptive forces that Bitcoin is bringing to the financial world.

Backstage, you don't see designers rushing around making last-minute changes. Instead, you see a harmonious collaboration where every step is considered and traceable. Our thinking has changed over the years, so our Proof of Work ensures that every hand involved in making these clothes was fairly compensated and that every step in the production process is authentic and verifiable. This builds customer trust and sets new standards in the fashion industry.

Our POW Sport line brings the spirit of "Proof of Work" to the world of sports fashion. You see athletes pushing themselves to the limit in our clothing - whether running, climbing or doing yoga. This clothing supports them physically and mentally, it is a symbol of the hard work and dedication that is also at the core of Bitcoin.

Then there is 21Million Rebel - a line for the rebels and non-conformists. These designs are bold and provocative, they practically scream for individuality and independence. They are garments for those who question social conventions and want to go their own way.

But our mission goes beyond fashion. Through our collections, we help raise awareness and understanding of Bitcoin. We make the principles of Bitcoin tangible and accessible, but also denounce the circumstances of our time, which also contributes to acceptance and integration into everyday life. Our fashion promotes a sense of belonging and community, similar to how Bitcoin has created a global community of users and supporters. We connect people who share similar values ​​and visions, creating a strong and committed community.


Fashion is more than just clothing; it is a powerful tool for shaping and changing societies. At a time when Bitcoin is becoming increasingly important, 21million offers a unique combination of fashion and technology. Our brand is at the forefront of a movement that combines fashion and Bitcoin in an innovative way and ushers in a new era of fashion.

Join us on this exciting journey and experience the future of fashion with 21million Fashion.

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