Impetuous, loud, polarizing
21Million Rebel - the impetuous, unconventional interpretation of 21Million. Inspired by the bold visions of the cypherpunks and the groundbreaking "Cypherpunk Manifesto" by Eric Hughes in 1993, 21Million Rebel embodies the spirit of rebellion against unreasonable circumstances & norms, as well as the courage to be different.

Fight for your rights
21Million Rebel is not just a brand; it's an attitude. It's an ode to those who dare to go against the status quo and stand up for what they believe in. Our collections are for the rebels, the mavericks, the brave souls who aren't afraid to speak their minds out loud and define their own style in the process.

Be different, be individual in the collective, be free
In a world that too often demands conformity, 21Million Rebel stands for the right to be different. Our designs reflect this philosophy by using bold, unconventional patterns and cuts that stand out from the crowd. Each piece in our collection is a statement against conformity and a celebration of individual freedom.

Our freely chosen consensus
At 21Million Rebel we believe that fashion is more than just clothing. It is a form of self-expression and a tool to bring about visible and tangible change in society. Through our designs we inspire our wearers to write their own rules and have the courage to live by them.

colorful, diverse, unique
Be it by wearing a boldly painted Cypherpunk LS TEE or an exceptionally designed jacket, every 21Million Rebel item carries the message of rebellion. We invite you to join our movement, where every fashion choice is a conscious decision against the ordinary. Together, let's bring the spirit of cypherpunks into the world of fashion and show that real change often starts with a small act of resistance.

21Million Rebel – for the rebels, the revolutionaries and everyone who believes that change begins now.