It all started with Bitart
..the mother of all brands, which began in 2020 as an innovative Bitcoin art gallery. Bitart was a vision that aimed to bring the artistic and expressive power of Bitcoin into focus and provide a platform to celebrate the fusion of digital currency and visual art. With its founding, Bitart laid the foundation for a creative movement that would go far beyond the boundaries of a traditional gallery.

Bitcoin meets art - breeding ground for creativity
By showcasing artworks inspired by Bitcoin's technology and multidisciplinarity, Bitart quickly became a hub for creative artists who wanted to experience Bitcoin's potential. Today, bitart functions as an art gallery where creative processes are the order of the day. This environment, full of creativity and innovation, provides the perfect breeding ground for the development of the clothing brand 21million, with its other subsidiary brands Pow-sport and 21million rebel.

Art gallery expands into fashion brand
The evolution from an art gallery to a fashion brand was a natural step, guided by the shared DNA of innovation and the pursuit of uniqueness. Bitart has shown that Bitcoin is more than just a currency - it is a source of inspiration that can redefine the way we think about art, culture and now fashion.

The spirit of Bitart
From the spirit of Bitart grew the idea of ​​transferring this unique blend of art and technology to the world of fashion. The resulting brands – 21million, POW Sport and 21Million Rebel – are linked to Bitart not only by their name but also by their fundamental philosophy and aesthetic. They all share the vision of viewing fashion as a form of artistic expression and personal expression, inspired by the values ​​and principles of Bitcoin.

Bitart is the proof
Today, Bitart stands not only as a symbol of the beginnings of a revolutionary idea, but also as proof of how diverse and far-reaching the influences of Bitcoin can be. From art gallery to fashion brand, Bitart and its subsidiary brands show that true creativity knows no boundaries and that a strong vision can give rise to a movement that will change the world.