The journey has begun..
21million is at the forefront of a fashion revolution by bringing the groundbreaking idea of ​​Bitcoin to the world of high fashion. As an umbrella brand that encompasses both POW Sport and 21Million Rebel, 21million combines the spirit of innovation and community spirit of Bitcoin with the style and expressiveness of fashion.

Our goal
is to bridge these two seemingly different worlds and create a fashion movement that is both unique and polarizing.

A statement
21million is more than just a brand; it's a statement. With a clear vision to take fashion to the level of Bitcoin, our collections embody the bold, disruptive spirit that made Bitcoin a global sensation. Our designs are for the fashion-conscious, stylish people who want to stand out not only through their clothes, but also through their values.

Excellence & Uniqueness
Our fashion reflects the pursuit of excellence and uniqueness that is also at the core of Bitcoin. Each piece is carefully designed to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful. Through innovative materials and avant-garde designs, 21million challenges traditional fashion norms and sets new trends.

We are one
In addition, 21million stands for connecting people - just like Bitcoin. We believe that fashion is a universal language that can break down boundaries and form communities. Our brands, POW Sport and 21Million Rebel, complement this vision by highlighting specific aspects of our identity - from the energy and commitment of POW Sport to the rebellion and freedom of 21Million Rebel and finally the elegant, meaningful statements of 21Million.

Our deepest convictions
At 21million, we believe that true fashion goes beyond the visual. It is a way of life, a form of communication and a means to express our deepest beliefs and lifestyle.

New horizons & a glorious future
With each collection and new design, we strive to not only enrich the fashion industry, but also create a community connected by shared values ​​and aspirations. 21million is more than just fashion - it's a movement, a departure to new horizons and a promise for a stylish, connected future.